Yezo Brown Bear Lab

Yezo brown bear attacks(2000-2022)

Yezo brown bears / Higuma bears (Ursus arctos yesoensis) inhabit in only Hokkaido island (Japan’s northernmost prefecture)
In recent years number of bear attacks on humans have been increasing.

Yezo brown bear attacks by year(2000-2022)

Chart: Number of brown bear-inflicted human injuries and deaths by year.
※bear hunting is excluded.


In 2021 many more bear attacks have occurred.
(死亡 = death / 負傷 = injury)

bear attacks in 2021

We found 12 incidents with 7 injuries and 3 deaths in 2021.

Bear-inflicted human deaths.

  1. 4/10 Akkeshi town (wild vegetable picking)
  2. 7/2 Fukushima town(farm chores)
  3. 7/12 Takinoue town (hiking)

Bear-inflicted human injuries.

  1. 6/14 Akkeshi town (forestry work)
  2. 6/18 Sapporo city (4 people were injured)
  3. 8/7 Tsubetsu town (mowing / 2 people were injured)

Yezo brown bear attacks by month(2000-2022)

Chart: Number of brown bear-inflicted human injuries and deaths by month.
※bear hunting is excluded.

We found 47 cases with 31 injuries and 16 deaths from 2000 to 2022.


(死亡 = death / 負傷 = injury)
(1月= January / 12月= December)

for reference, number of brown bear attacks by month (2000-2018)

As a result of increased number of bear attacks, some bear specialists consider the population of brown bears has increased.
Because of this, an upper limit of female bears caught will be raised from 1990 to 2320.

Victims of bear attacks

Chart: victims of fatal bear attacks.
Over 60% of victims were killed by bear when they were picking wild plants in spring.

2000-2022 victims of fatal bear attacks

Chart: victims of bear attacks (including fatal attacks).

2000-2022 victims of bear attacks